Numberprep will be hosting revision sessions during half-term breaks and school holidays.


It is during the school holidays that your child often has the most time to focus on maths, but it is also the time that their teachers are least available as a support network. That's where Numberprep come in. We'll be hosting level-specific sessions in which a number of tutors will be available to help your child in whatever way they need. The format of these will be slightly different from normal Numberprep tutorials in that the atmosphere will be much more collaborative. If a topic that comes up that multiple people are struggling we can hold a seminar-style discussion about it. If it's just your child that's struggling, we can take them aside and discuss it one-to-one. 

Have a look at our session calendar below to see where your child may fit in, and then book them in below. We have a limited number of slots available, so the sooner the better! 

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Parent's Name
(A Level modules, Common Entrance Exams, 11+ etc.)