Below is links to some resources that we think are particularly helpful for preparing for your GCSE Maths Exams. We recommend trying out a range of different websites and revision methods as everyone learns differently! 

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Detailed Explanations and Videos

We'd recommend these resources for those topics that you are particularly stuck on, or may not have understood the first time round. Once you've got a clear understanding from this, it would then be worth moving onto some of the more succinct resources and past paper questions to reinforce your learning. 

  • has recorded very informative lessons about the majority of GCSE topics, offering worked examples alongside a detailed explanation of each topic

  • Hegarty Maths has an extensive collection of videos on every topic area available on his website (you need to sign up, but it's completely free!). If you'd prefer, his videos are also available on his YouTube channel, but it's a little harder to find what you need in the channel format. 

  • The MathedUp 'Maths Takeaway' page has videos, questions and quizzes for each topic area, split into grades so that you can easily track your progress.

    • Mr Barton Maths has added to this page with some Mathster quizzes that are definitely worth checking out. 

  • Mr Barton Maths has created clear and concise notes for each topic area in your GCSE maths syllabus.

Quick Reminder Explanations and Videos

No one can remember absolutely everything they learn in class, but sometimes all you need is a quick reminder to get you back on track. We believe that the below resources are helpful for those topics for which there are still a few cracks to fill, or where you want to check that your understanding is correct. 

  • These videos by FHS Maths Revise are split into topic areas, and offer the perfect alternative to digging through your exercise books trying to remember what you learnt in class: Algebra, Data, Number, Shape

  • A mix of the Corbett Maths videos for Grade A and Grade C offer everything you need to know at a glance. He also has all of the videos posted on his website alongside worksheets and examples. 

    • He has also created this great bank of '5-a-day' maths questions and solutions and conundrums offering a short but sweet piece of maths practice to be carried out on a daily basis. 

  • The free maths quizzes available on Mr Barton Math's website are a great way of checking your understanding of each topic area. 

  • Brain Cells has created free revision presentations, quizzes and tests for each topic area, good to engage various learning techniques for each topic. 

  • Follow Just Maths Revision on twitter for daily questions and answers, and hints and tips for exams.

Practice Questions and Mini Tests

Maths is a very practical subject, so it is important that you regularly put everything you learn in to practice to secure your understanding and learn how to apply theory. The below resources offer quizzes and tests that you can use during the year to check your progress and identify any problem areas. 

Past and Practice Papers

When it comes to exam day you want to be as confident with the format of the paper as you are with its content. It is therefore very important that you spend some time during the revision period attempting and self-marking some past papers so that you can see everything from the examiner's perspective. Make sure you check with your teacher about which is exam board you are taking your test with as the format does vary slightly!

  • has a collection of past papers and solutions for each exam board. 

  • All of the AQA past papers and mark schemes are available here

  • The Edexcel past papers are also available on their website

  • The WJEC Past Papers are on their website here

  • Maths Made Easy have all of the past papers available on one webpage