Q.       When are you open?

A.      Tutoring hours are 16:00 – 19:00 Monday to Friday with the possibility of other times throughout the day depending on your child’s availability.

Q.       What do you teach?

A.      At Numberprep we have Tutors that are highly trained to deliver, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and 11+ preparations.

Q.       Are your tutors CRB checked?

A.      All tutors have thorough background checks and all hold a CRB certificate.

Q.       Where are you situated?

A.      Numberprep Tuition School is situated in Amersham, Buckinghamshire opposite the train station, above Tesco Express. Visit our contact us page.

Q.       How often can my child attend?

A.      How much time your child spends at Numberprep is up to you but subject to availability of space. Most students attend one 1 hour session a week.

Q.       Do I need to book my child’s sessions?

A.      Yes, you will need to book your child in for tuition.

Q.       Is there proof that Numberprep is effective?

A.      Testimonials from students, parents, teachers and councillors along with a long list of impressive results from our students gives a good indication of how effective Numberprep can be for your child.  

Q.       What happens in a session?

A.      Depending on the age of your child the sessions can differ in format and content. With younger students, tutors focus on times tables and basic Mathematical skills in an imaginative and engaging manner. For older students the onus will be on preparing for exams and teaching content that is unique to their educational needs. Visit our Numberprep Approach page to find out more.

Q.       Does Numberprep work alongside what my child is learning in school?

A.      Numberprep works in line with the national curriculum for all age groups helping to supplement what your child has been learning at school. For students sitting GCSE or A-Level exams tutors will teach content that is specific to their exam board.

Q.   What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule?

A.      ?

Q.   What feedback will I get about my child’s progress?

A.      Numberprep provides constant verbal feedback regarding your child’s progress before and after each session as well as using data compiled throughout the term to give a written report.

Q.   What is the ratio of children to tutors?

A.      Numberpreps most popular format is a 1:1 lesson however during revision courses and a group class ratio of children to tutor can be up to 4:1.

Q.   What role do the tutors play in my child’s learning?

A.      Numberprep tutors provide your child with comprehensive learning programme with content specific to their educational needs. Tutors prepare lessons in advance and deliver content in a clear and engaging manner as well as marking and evaluating all work the student brings. Numberprep tutors work hard together to create a learning environment that is fun and enjoyable for all students to be a part of.

Q.   My child has SEN, can they benefit from coming to Numberprep?

    A.      Numberprep Tutors are experienced in working with SEN students and creating imaginative ways to teach important concepts that will engage your child in                   Mathematics which is always beneficial.

Q.   My child is gifted – can they benefit from coming to Numberprep?

A.      Numberprep Tutors can work with the most gifted of students and provide a learning programme that keeps them fully engaged and appropriately challenged throughout encouraging them to push the boundaries of their Mathematical abilities.

Q.   I’ve heard that you work with local schools. What do you do?

A.      A part of the Numbermix portfolio includes Numberfit, aprogramme run in local schools where physical activity and high energy games meets Mathematics. For more information visit www.numberfit.com .

Q.   What is the cost of tuition at Numberprep?

A.      Age                                               Cost
       Year 1 – Year 9                              £40
       GCSE                                             £45
       A-Level                                          £50
       A-Level (Further)                           £60


Q.   How should I pay?

A.      ?

Q.   How old do you have to be to start Numberprep study?

A.      Students can enrol with Numberprep from Year 1 onwards.

Q.   How will Numberprep help my child with their school work?

A.      Our Tutors are always happy to supplement work that your child is doing in school whether it is going over topics they didn’t understand in class, going over an exam paper or homework they have done or helping prepare for any upcoming exams or tests.

Q.   How much help am I expected to give my child at home?

A.      Behind every successful student is a supportive parent. Your child should be able to complete their work independently as it will be topics covered in previous lessons. Your child may well ask you for help, but you should ensure that, as far as possible, they complete the work by themselves. To help support your child’s learning at home you should:
- Provide them with a regular time and place to study;
- Make sure the study area is free of distractions;
- Provide plenty of praise and encouragement;
- Maintain good communication with your Numberprep tutor.