About Online Tuition 

Online tuition is becoming more prevalent with parents today which is not surprising considering its many advantages. Online tutoring gives parents access to the very best tutors in their field when they are not restricted geographically. Once you ave factored in the interactivity of the online teaching platform, travel time and less invasive nature of online tutoring, it can be used as a form of learning that is equally as effective as face-to-face tuition. 

Numberprep uses a teaching platform when conducting online tuition. The platform allows files such as worksheets and tests to be uploads on to  shared screen that is seen by both tutor and student. the shared screen comes with tools for editing, typing, drawing and annotating so that both parties can work collaboratively. The platform also makes us of integrated video and audio so tutors and students can see and talk to each other making the experience a very interactive process. 

For more information regarding online tutoring for your child please contact us at tuition@numberprep.com.