We're a specialist maths tutoring centre who focus on tailoring our teaching style to ensure that maths is engaging for every individual.

It is at the very beginning of their educational career that your child begins to get a handle on basic mathematical concepts.

It is also the perfect time to begin to build up their confidence and intrigue in the subject. Our tutors are here to help. By basing our teaching around the EYFS Framework, we ensure that your child is fully prepared for the step up into primary school level maths. 

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At primary school your child will first experience maths in a classroom format, and it will be at this stage that they begin to decide whether they enjoy the subject.


At Numberprep, we firmly believe that maths is a subject to be enjoyed by absolutely everyone. We closely follow the National Curriculum whilst also ensuring that our sessions are engaging and - most importantly - enjoyable. 

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We know that you want the best for your child, and success in the Transfer Tests (11+) or in Common Entrance Exams is a step in the right direction for securing their future. 


It is important that your child is comfortable with the test's format. Once we have built up their confidence in that regard, our sessions will focus on familiarising them with all of the techniques they may need, so that there is no suprises when it comes to test day.

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It is during high school that your child will begin to become much more of an independent worker. 


This does not, however, mean that they won't benefit from support. The mathematical concepts covered in high school may appear more complex - but by tailoring our tutoring to fit with your child's needs whilst also working in line with the National Curriculum - your child will remain interested in the subject.

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GCSEs can seem like a daunting prospect but, with the correct support, there's no need to be concerned. 


At Numberprep we cover all exam boards, including Edexcel and AQA, covering all the relevant topics so that your child is happy and confident with the syllabus by the time exam series comes around. 

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A Levels are an important stage of life in deciding your future, and it is important that you're confident and well prepared. 


The Numberprep tutors are well practiced in teaching the ins and outs of all exam boards, including OCRMEI, Edexcel and AQA and covering both Maths and Further Maths paper choices for AS and A Levels. We are also experienced in preparing students for their IB and other equivalent exam papers. 

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When the wise decision has been made to pursue a mathematical subject in further education, the next step is proving yourself. 

These tests often appear to be quite a big step up from A Levels in terms of content,  and at Numberprep we aim to build up your confidence so that you can really show off your abilities on test day and secure a place at a top university. 

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